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The main cities <br>of the Val de Marne

The main cities
of the Val de Marne


Luxury real estate in Nogent sur Marne

Luxury real estate in Nogent-sur-Marne

Halfway between the Bois de Vincennes and river Marne, Nogent is a town in its own self, where you can enjoy a quality of life. Mentioned in the famous French song “Ah, Le Petit Vin Blanc” (about its fresh Summer wine), it is acknowledged that Nogent benefits from a pleasant living environment with its ‘guinguettes’ popular ballrooms on the edge of the Marne and its town-center shops.

Nogent-sur-Marne is served by two stations of Regional Fast Train RER A, the busiest line in Europe, which leads to Paris business center La Défense, and by RER E leading to Boulevard Haussmann and Saint-Lazare train terminal in Paris.

Nogent offers a mixed habitat composed of apartments and of pretty millstone houses, namely on the edge of the river. The Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle and Avenue de la Source, being situated along the Bois and in a quiet area, are sought after. Quite appreciated by the families who can find there some pretty houses with a garden, the city also benefits from its quick access to A 4 motorway, whether you wish to leave the capital or on the contrary be in the heart of it within a few minutes.

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Luxury real estate in Vincennes

Luxury real estate in Vincennes

Founded in the XIIth Century, the City of Vincennes is steeped in History, between the famous Château and the Bois bearing the same name.

Located along a wood of a thousand hectares, the town is today quite active, with a charming, vibrant and dynamic center and a few top-class restaurants and renowned theatres.

It is served by three métro stations on line 1 : Porte de Vincennes, Bérault, Château de Vincennes, Regional Fast Train RER A, station Vincennes and a bus terminal.

Its specificity is to be organized in several micro-districts and much appreciated residential areas. The most sought-after avenues are the Cours Marigny, Avenue Foch and Avenue des Minimes, bordering the Bois. The Magical Square which extends from the Château to the Mairie and to the Church attracts young families, delighted to enjoy the quite numerous shops and street markets of the heart of town. Not to mention the great number of educational institutions.

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Luxury real estate in Saint-Mandé

Luxury real estate in Saint-Mandé

In close proximity to Paris and served by the public transports (lines 1 and 8 of the métro, four bus lines), Saint-Mandé has something for everyone. Nicknamed ‘the Neuilly of the East side’, this commune preserves its image of a residential town, for it has a unique asset : it borders the Bois de Vincennes all along. And it is also situated opposite the zoo.

The families enjoy its calm and being at walking distance from the Bois de Vincennes. Lakes Daumesnil and of Saint-Mandé are there for boat rides, relaxation, bicycle paths and large greens.

The favourite alleys are the ones bordering the Bois : the Chaussée de l’Etang and Avenue Daumesnil. The buildings are of Haussmannian or finely-constructed modern style. A few rare pavilions with a garden or private villas still remain, extremely sought-after, in a highly-confidential market.

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Luxury real estate in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

Luxury real estate in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

Five villages compose Saint-Maur, the city entirely embedded in a loop of river Marne. Even if its access is complicated by the presence of bridges, the city benefits from an exceptional environment and conserves its ‘countryside in town’ spirit.

Served by four stations of Regional Fast Train RER A (and soon the stations of the future Grand Paris Express), it hosts some very good schools, and grammar school Marcellin-Berthelot. The habitat is mainly residential, with quite beautiful living space.

The district of La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire is quite sought after, as it attracts a clientele who wishes to enjoy the prestige of its properties built along river Marne.

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Luxury real estate in Fontenay-sous-Bois

Luxury real estate in Fontenay-sous-Bois

Situated along the Bois de Vincennes on its South part, and adjacent to Nogent-sur-Marne North, Fontenay-sous-Bois is a pleasant commune. The district of the Val de Fontenay, leading to Rosny-sous-Bois, is more working-class and hosts buildings and commercial malls.

It is linked to Paris by Regional Fast Train RER, lines A and E, offers numerous school, sports and cultural equipments and is the home of the first pole of tertiary services in the East of Paris.

Its Avenues de la Dame Blanche and de la Belle Gabrielle border the Bois de Vincennes. The habitat is mainly residential and now, for a very large part, renovated.

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Luxury real estate in Maisons-Alfort

Luxury real estate in Maisons-Alfort

The commune of Maisons-Alfort is partly located on the edge of the river Marne and is served by three metro stations (line 8 : Maisons-Alfort - Ecole Vétérinaire, Maisons-Alfort – Stade and Maisons-Alfort Les Juliottes.

This town is composed of many residential districts, with pretty millstone houses (in the sector called Charentonneau, Ecole Vétérinaire) at attractive prices if you consider how near Paris is, less than ten minutes away, door-to-door. A rather confidential city, it is today undergoing a big revival.

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Joinville-le-Pont / Saint-Maurice

Luxury real estate in Joinville-le-Pont / Saint-Maurice

Luxury real estate in Joinville-le-Pont / Saint-Maurice

These two communes benefit from the charming banks of river Marne and of the Bois de Vincennes, in the vicinity of Paris. Saint-Maurice, chic and discreet, extends all along between the Plateau de Gravelle and the Marne, without being able to widen. Its high (and unique) street links Paris to Saint-Maur, and is lined with pavilions and pretty little buildings. Its activity focuses around Place Montgolfier and the registered office of Véolia company. A number of residences have a view over one of the branches of river Marne and over the locks leading the barges through the capital.

Some pretty (but rare) properties are for sale, at a competitive price, if you consider how much living space they offer, which makes them attractive on the Parisian real-estate market.

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Luxury real estate in Charenton-le-Pont

Luxury real estate in Charenton-le-Pont

Charenton-le-Pont has within a few years earned itself the strong reputation of a vibrant and pleasant town. Bordering the Bois de Vincennes in its North part, this commune offers a privileged living environment though at the gateway of Paris. It benefits from its original situation, facing the Bois and along the river Marne. Served by métro line 8 with stations Porte de Charenton, Liberté and Charenton-Ecoles, this city is particularly dynamic. It hosts great commercial mall Bercy 2, the registered office of Essilor company, bank Crédit Foncier and the new commercial district of La Coupole on Avenue de Paris.

Long considered as less prestigious as its eminent neighbours of Saint-Mandé and Vincennes, you can however find in this town some quiet residential districts, numerous shops and new buildings, at still moderate price.

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